About us

Shisha Panama is the brand of Shisha Panama Holdings Limited, which is committed to reactive power compensation, power quality optimization, and harmonic control.

The company is an innovative enterprise that provides product development, production, and solutions, and insists on developing intelligent and modular products with high-standard. Have the advantage of easy installation、maintenance, and expansion. We engaged in safety production, energy-saving and consumption reduction, improvement of energy efficiency, etc., to provide the best power quality solution to ourcustomers.

Shisha Panama has rich experience in the power quality industry. Through market research and analysis, with a forward-looking strategic vision and keen market insight, Shisha Panama has entered the Chinese market with cutting-edge technology and competitive products. It has set up a company in Shanghai - Shisha Panama (Shanghai) Electric Co, Ltd, which is fully responsible for product sales and technology in China Service support work. The products involve power, energy , transportation, mechanical equipment, water treatment, photovoltaic and other fields.

Shisha Panama will be more innovative, win-win market strategy, high-quality, efficient professional services, to achieve your achievements.

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